Internet of Things Security

Internet of Things security is key to profitability.

As your company seeks to profit from the many new business opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT), you’ll first need to solve the many challenges of Internet of Things security.

Each new device that you connect to your system and to other devices in your system represents a new point of potential vulnerability. The headlines are full of stories of products being hacked – from baby monitors and security cameras to smart locks and even automobiles. For many consumers, verifying Internet of Things security will be a critical part of the sales process. For businesses, securing the Internet of Things will be a significant point of competitive differentiation.

The fundamentals of Internet of Things security

When planning for Internet of Things security, there are four principal areas that need attention.

  1. Securing connections. Connectivity is the ultimate goal of the Internet of Things, allowing your phone to communicate with your thermostats, for example, so that the house is nice and toasty by the time you arrive home from work. When those connections can be breached by a Man-in-the-Middle attack, hackers could conceivably determine when no one is at home and could easily gain access to the house.
  2. Authenticating devices. IoT security depends on making sure that your connected devices are talking to other legitimate devices and not to imposters.
  3. Updating firmware. While firmware updates are critical to Internet of Things security, the sheer number of connected devices makes it difficult for the manufacturer to update each and every one. But updating every device is critical, as one vulnerable product can bring down the whole network.
  4. Protecting data. Connected products – especially smart phones and other mobile devices — are much more likely to fall into the hands of a malicious individual than a computer that’s housed in the server room. For that reason, finding ways to protect IoT data on devices is imperative for Internet of Things security.

Internet of Things security is easy with Xively.

When working to ensure Internet of Things security, your best strategy is to choose a partner with an IoT platform that has security purpose-built into every aspect of the IoT ecosystem.

Xively offers an award-winning Internet of Things solution that simplifies management of the Internet of Things and IoT data analytics while providing end-to-end security for IoT devices and the data they contain. Xively makes it easy to quickly connect products, manage the data they produce, and engage customers more successfully – all while taking steps to ensure the highest levels of Internet of Things security.