Internet of Things Retail Industry

Mobile POS devices, digital signage, smart mirrors, at-home shopping buttons—Internet of Things retail industry solutions are all around us. As businesses make the shift to an omni-channel model of customer engagement, Internet of Things connected devices are helping companies wow customers. They’re enabling them to provide frictionless digital-physical customer experiences and enriched shopping environments, driving revenue and disrupting traditional retail processes.

Behind the scenes as well, Internet of Things retail industry tech is working. Connected devices such as smart shelves and RFID tags are helping companies optimize supply chain operations with data-driven forecasting, purchasing, and inventory management, resulting in increased operational efficiency and maximized asset productivity.

The Internet of Things retail industry is here to stay. And with recent advances in low-cost, low-power sensor technology, companies of all sizes can now develop and leverage innovative IoT services and solutions.

The Benefits of Deploying Internet of Things Retail Industry Solutions

Internet of Things retail industry solutions benefit companies in multiple ways. In the context of supply chain management, connected devices can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of purchasing, shipment handling, physical inventory management, and other processes. IoT technology solutions provide companies with greater visibility into the physical environment and the data they need to optimize workflows, better allocate and utilize assets, and reduce operating costs.

Internet of Things retail industry technologies also enable businesses to better understand their customers and their business. IoT connected devices and applications allow companies to collect real-time data on both their customers (physical location, behavior, preferences) and their products (positioning in store, length of time on display, inventory status). Based on analysis of this data, they can then:

  • Adjust product assortment, appearance, pricing, or placement in physical or online stores
  • Offer customers contextually relevant product information as well as targeted promotions or recommendations
  • Enrich in-store and online shopping experiences, enabling customers to more easily discover and purchase their products

Developing and Implementing Internet of Things Retail Industry Solutions with Xively

Successfully deploying IoT connected devices isn’t easy, however. For companies that lack the time, infrastructure, and technical expertise necessary for ensuring proper connectivity and data security, for managing and supporting devices, and for integrating data with existing CRM and other systems, partnering with an IoT device platform provider can make the journey into IoT simpler and more rewarding.

Xively is a powerful connected device platform that accelerates the processes of connecting, securing, and managing IoT devices and integrating device data streams with enterprise systems. Giving you access to our easy-to-use device modeling application, out-of-the-box integrations, end-to-end security features, and assistance from our IoT experts, LogMeIn takes care of the core technology so you can focus on how to maximize the value of your IoT investment for your business and your customers.