Internet of Things platform

What is the Internet of Things?

Your profitability hinges on your Internet of Things platform.

Choosing the right Internet of Things platform is essential to your ability to profit from this latest technological revolution.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, connects everyday products to companies, people and other devices, enabling them to tell their stories in ways that can transform both consumer experiences and business models. From lighting, heating and cooling systems to vehicles, appliances and wearable technology, connecting devices to an Internet of things architecture has the potential to open up vast new sources of revenue, significantly optimize operations and delight customers in new and transforming ways.

But to do this all this, you’ll need a powerful Internet of Things platform to manage several critical tasks. To connect thousands or millions of devices, you’ll need IoT software that lets you get products up and running quickly and easily. You’ll need solutions to manage the enormous amount of information your products will generate – volumes of data that can easily overwhelm existing database systems. And you’ll need an Internet of Things platform that lets you securely manage all of your devices while authenticating users and controlling access.

A superior Internet of Things platform from Xively

Xively provides an award-winning Internet of Things platform that dramatically simplifies management of IoT architecture, devices and data. Xively lets you capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things by providing tools to accelerate your progress toward IoT enablement. With Xively’s IoT cloud solution, you can model products more easily, connect them quickly and immediately begin collecting data. You’ll be able to easily define new features, proactively manage users and efficiently integrate data into existing business systems. Your product development teams will bring new ideas to market faster and your customers will be delighted by new products, better services and more attentive customer service. With Xively’s Internet of Things platform, you’ll have the fastest, easiest and most powerful tools for profiting from the IoT.

Features of Xively’s Internet of Things platform

As one of the industry’s leading Internet of Things platforms, Xively lets you:

  • Connect products with the speed and scalability required to succeed in the IoT landscape.
  • Manage connected products and data more efficiently, integrating information easily with other business systems.
  • Engage customers in new ways by using Xively’s Internet of things platform to better understanding how they use your products now and by developing new products to meet their needs.

Learn more about the Internet of Things platform from Xively and how to choose the best IoT platform for your needs with our free trial.