Internet of Things Infrastructure

More firms than ever are embracing cloud services, mobile computing, and big data analytics, technologies which are critical to building the future of the Internet of Things. And while some companies are attempting to build and deploy the Internet of Things infrastructure themselves—from the ground up—other firms are leveraging the power of IoT cloud platforms.

By providing secure connectivity to cloud-based Internet of Things infrastructure components, an IoT API platform like Xively can help companies overcome many of the technical challenges involved in deploying Internet of Things connected devices. Our proven connected device platform simplifies the complexities of IoT product deployment while helping improve the reliability, serviceability, and overall performance of IoT-enabled products and services.

The Challenges of Building and Deploying Your Own Internet of Things Infrastructure

Because the traditional enterprise IT architecture isn’t optimized for the implementation of IoT technology solutions, firms have been faced with the challenge of building and deploying an entirely new stack of infrastructure to support and manage IoT connected devices. Indeed, some firms have successfully built their own Internet of Things infrastructure, which includes middleware, operating systems, virtualization, storage, and networking components.

Without the necessary domain expertise however, building your own Internet of Things infrastructure is extremely difficult. And do-it-yourself IoT requires substantial, long-term investments of time, labor, and capital in the initial purchasing and deployment of infrastructure components and in their maintenance and support over time. This includes updating the infrastructure as standards, affiliated systems, and products evolve.

Moreover, an Internet of Things infrastructure must be built with security and scalability in mind. Particularly when it comes to consumer devices like smart home Internet of Things products or connected healthcare solutions, security mechanisms for devices and for data must be architected into every part of the Internet of Things infrastructure. And a robust, scalable infrastructure is necessary for maintaining the stability and availability of IoT applications and for handling the massive amounts of data streaming from connected devices.

Leverage the Secure, Scalable Internet of Things Infrastructure of a Proven IoT Platform

Bringing together our best-of-breed connectivity broker with universal device and user management capabilities and built-in security mechanisms engineered for the IoT, Xively is an innovative and powerful IoT platform that simplifies connected product development and deployment. Xively makes it possible to build and deploy connected devices without building your own Internet of Things infrastructure or sacrificing the security of your user data. Our cloud-based infrastructure and tools help you safely and securely connect, manage, and remotely support your IoT products and services, letting you engage and satisfy your customers and deliver innovation to the connected marketplace faster.