Internet of Things Connected Devices

Internet of Things connected devices are gaining traction as cheaper, more energy-efficient sensors become available, wireless networks become faster and more ubiquitous, and mobile computing permeates our workplaces and our lives. Internet of Things connected devices leverage the power of these technologies to deliver greater convenience, improved efficiency, and many other benefits to both businesses and consumers. With the Internet of Things, digital transformation is accelerated as businesses bridge the physical and the digital, collecting and using data to improve their operational processes, their products, and their services.

Internet of Things Connected Devices for Consumers and Businesses

Internet of Things connected devices can be roughly categorized into consumer-facing or user-focused solutions like smart home Internet of Things products and operations-focused use cases such as those found in the manufacturing industry or the utilities sector. Fields in which we find both types of connected device usage might be the most promising areas for IoT adoption and evolution.

Take connected healthcare solutions, for example. In recent months, we’ve witnessed a proliferation of new consumer-directed products like fitness trackers and health-related mobile apps and the widespread adoption of Internet of Things connected devices in clinical settings. And one of the most interesting recent developments in healthcare IoT is the prototyping of a next-generation emergency room -- an urgent care ecosystem made up of interconnected IoT diagnostic machines. We hope to see more firms leverage an IoT platform for medical devices to enable this sort of device interoperability and integration and develop powerful new systems that will revolutionize medical care provision.

Internet of Things retail industry solutions also span the two categories of connected device usage and are transforming the entire retail landscape. More businesses are now using Internet of Things connected devices to eliminate operational inefficiencies, automating and streamlining inventory management and other supply chain processes. They’re also putting connected devices in front of or in the hands of customers, offering them contextually and personally relevant product information and helping them quickly find and purchase products.

Build and Deploy Innovative Internet of Things Connected Devices Faster and Smarter with Xively

The benefits of Internet of Things connected devices for consumers and businesses are clear, and the technology is there. The evolution of IoT now greatly depends on the ability of product manufacturers and application developers to leverage IoT services and solutions and build and deliver innovative connected products. And with Xively, a proven connected device platform from LogMeIn, firms of all sizes can now prototype, connect, manage, and support IoT devices easily and efficiently—and without sacrificing security or data privacy. We provide you with the core software technology, robust device management capabilities, and a secure, scalable architecture, so you can concentrate on designing the next great IoT solution.