Internet of Things Architecture

When managing connected devices, the right Internet of Things architecture makes all the difference.

As you search for the fastest path to profit in the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, choosing the right Internet of Things architecture must be step one.

The Internet of Things is unlocking incredible opportunities for growth, optimization and customer engagement by giving voice to everyday products. From connected home solutions to business automation, the IoT enables objects to communicate with each other and with businesses and consumers in ways that bring greater convenience, control and value.

While the opportunities seem limitless, actually managing an Internet of Things architecture and deployment seems pretty daunting. When every single product has a voice, the noise can be deafening and IT systems can easily be overwhelmed by more data than they’ve ever had to manage before. Provisioning and connecting millions of devices is no picnic, and managing user access to connected devices can be incredibly complicated.

That’s where the right Internet of Things architecture can help. With a proven and powerful Internet of Things solution, you can connect devices more securely, manage data more easily and turn information into insight more effectively.

A market-leading Internet of Things architecture from Xively

As a division of LogMeIn, Xively offers an award-winning Internet of Things architecture and one of the best IoT platform options on the market. Xively’s IoT architecture provides the infrastructure and tools you need to conquer the complexity of the Internet of Things. With Xively’s powerful Internet of Things architecture, you can make the IoT more nimble, more impactful and more profitable.

Xively’s easy to use IoT software lets you:

  • Connect products quickly and start listening to the data they produce immediately.
  • Easily manage the large amount of information produced by thousands or millions of devices, integrating data from your Internet of Things architecture seamlessly with your CRM and other information systems.
  • Use data from connected devices to drive innovation in product development and excellence in customer service.

An Internet of Things architecture with a full set of management tools

Capabilities of Xively’s Internet of Things architecture and IoT cloud services include:

  • High-speed connectivity with low latency, with the ability to process millions of messages at sub-second speeds and to scale across millions of devices.
  • Device management tools to simplify provisioning, configuration, monitoring, administration and updates of a vast fleet of devices.
  • Identity management capabilities to simplify device and end-user authentication.
  • Security features that provide end-to-end protection for the device and data on it while at rest, in transit and in the cloud.