Connected Product Management Platform

A connected product management solution provides a comprehensive approach for businesses to solve many of today’s IoT challenges including making sense of the enormous amount of data collected from IoT devices. A connected product management platform enables IoT product data to be seamlessly integrated with your business systems. It also unifies customer experience across IoT devices, applications, and customer support such as for multiple products on an IoT home platform. Xively, the market leading IoT platform-as-a-service from LogMeIn, provides a connected product management platform that allows you to implement your IoT solutions with the most comprehensive capabilities to leverage connected product data for valuable business insights.

Use Xively’s Connected Product Management Platform for IoT Success

Xively’s secure and scalable IoT platform provides all the key capabilities to implement an effective connected product management solution. Use Xively’s connected product management platform to transform IoT ideas into prototypes, connect products securely, manage products and data, and engage with customers. Xively’s connected IoT platform is leverages Blueprint technology that allows you to create digital templates of your products by mapping data flows to and from each product. This tool operates as a central system of record for your products and maps relevant product data to give it context. This mapping covers each product’s environment, life cycle, users, and associated applications. Using this tool as the basis for your connected product management platform, you can easily identify the product data you want to use to provide actionable insights and drive business revenues.

Xively’s Connected Product Management Platform Integrates with Enterprise Applications

Xively’s connected product management solution allows you to integrate your IoT data with other enterprise applications while securing IoT data at the same time. Integration enables connected product business automation, and allows you to build out new processes and communicate with your customers in new ways. Some integration examples enabled by Xively’s connected product management platform are:

  • Integration with CRM — Integration with CRM applications like Salesforce offers opportunities for new sales leads and other customer engagements, and automated support ticketing.
  • Integration with analytics tools — IoT product data can be consumed by analytics tools to generate insights into how customers use your products. These insights can provide information on how to improve your products; for example, how to improve IoT device security.
  • Integration with ERP — Integrating your connected product management platform with ERP applications can help to automate processes such as billing that’s based on how customers are using your products.