Connected Product Management

In today’s fast changing IoT market, businesses must be adept at adopting new technologies and industry practices in order to derive maximum value from their IoT initiatives. Xively helps businesses stay on top of IoT by providing its connected product management solution through its highly scalable IoT platform. This solution solves challenges that businesses face when deploying, managing, and extracting benefits from IoT.

IoT Challenges Solved by Connected Product Management

Xively is a connected product management platform that is available as a platform-as-a-service. As such, Xively manages the scalability and availability of the service freeing you to focus on the application of IoT end-points that are specific to your business requirements. Xively’s connected product management solution addresses the following challenges for your business:

  • New and complex domain expertise — IoT requires specialized domain knowledge and skill sets to be implemented and exploited correctly. For example, for an IoT home platform, smart home system knowledge and expertise is required.
  • New customer expectations — Many traditional business models do not require businesses to interact directly with end-users. For a connected IoT platform, end-users seek to communicate directly with businesses to resolve issues related to IoT applications.
  • Understanding IoT data — IoT systems generate large amounts of data due to the high volume devices deployed. Businesses need to carefully manage that data in order to structure it for insight and actionable intelligence.

Xively Makes Connected Product Management Fast and Easy

Businesses can be caught unaware by the unique challenges created by IoT. Without the right knowledge and experience, they can encounter costly delays or disappointing returns on investment. Xively meets today’s IoT challenges through connected product management which collects, stores, and organizes real-time device and user data, as well as any contextual data associated with each device. Connected product management also defines business processes for securing IoT data and devices, and for managing the relationships between devices and users. Insights gained from these relationships can be used to engage customers in innovative ways.

Xively’s connected product management solution provides you with high scalability and low latency connectivity across millions of devices. The solution also provides a highly secure IoT platform for device and data security, and identity management for devices and users. Device management and support are also features of Xively’s connected product management solution, enabling the provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and remote support of devices. To align device data with user and customer data, Xively’s solution integrates IoT data with enterprise systems such as a CRM system. This integration organizes IoT data with the context of users and customers giving you a better understanding of customer preferences and needs.