Connected IoT Platform

Connected IoT platforms are the foundations of today’s IoT solutions. Each connected IoT platform defines the components making up an IoT solution and how they are interconnected. For an IoT solution to deliver value to its creators, its connected IoT platform must generate actionable business insights. This can be accomplished by collecting and analyzing data from IoT devices in the platform. A versatile and scalable IoT platform enables this data to be integrated into enterprise applications where IoT data can be correlated with other enterprise data to drive business insights and better decisions.

Xively’s Connected IoT Platform Enables Connected Product Management

To harness and fully leverage IoT data that is collected from devices securely, an IoT platform such as an IoT home platform must use a comprehensive approach to managing IoT devices, data, and users. Xively, the leading connected IoT platform-as-a-service from LogMeIn, uses such an approach by enabling connected product management. Xively’s connected product management platform addresses the key challenges enterprises face today in developing and deploying IoT products. It helps enterprises to work in the new and complex IoT domain with its large volumes of device-generated data that need to be structured and organized in order to yield actionable insights.

Connected product management encompasses capabilities for a connected IoT platform that include high scalability, low latency connectivity, device and identity management, device and cloud security, device support, and integration with enterprise systems. These capabilities enable Xively to provide businesses with a complete, fast, scalable, and secure connected IoT platform for IoT initiatives. Integration with enterprise systems enable IoT data to be integrated with customer data to provide new insights that bring business value. Working with Xively’s experienced professional services team, businesses can deploy their IoT system quickly and effectively to accelerate the return on their IoT investment.

Xively’s Connected IoT Platform Provides End-to-End Security

Xively’s IoT platform is purpose-built for securing IoT data and devices. Xively protects user data on devices, in transit, and in the cloud by encrypting data. IoT device security by Xively includes protection from unauthorized access and control of devices where hackers can take control of devices and use their features for malevolent purposes.

Xively also provides a robust identity management infrastructure. Devices and users need to be authenticated on Xively’s connected IoT platform before they can access the platform. Securing IoT for smart home systems using Xively prevents unauthorized clone devices from sending false data to the IoT platform and corrupting genuine data. In this way Xively helps protect IoT consumers as well as IoT product makers.