Connected Healthcare Solutions

Confronted by aging populations, the widespread occurrence of chronic diseases, and the rising costs of medical treatments and medication, governments in the U.S. and around the world are experimenting with ways to reform their healthcare systems, implementing initiatives that encourage economic efficiency and improved treatment outcomes. And with the availability of smaller, more affordable sensors, connected healthcare solutions now represent a promising use of the Internet of Things, or IoT, in line with these initiatives. Leveraging IoT technology solutions can help make healthcare systems more cost-effective, improve access to medical care, and over time, dramatically transform our standard reactive model of healthcare.

Providing Better, More Effective Care with Connected Healthcare Solutions

As we witness the entry of global tech companies into the consumer health and wellness market alongside growth in wearable technologies and health-related mobile apps, we’re also seeing extensive adoption of mobile devices in the medical ecosystem. It is in this environment that connected healthcare solutions are evolving—using tiny wireless sensors and IoT connected devices to collect, analyze, and use data to improve people’s health and the quality of care they receive from healthcare professionals and caregivers.

In fact, one of the most disruptive use cases of connected healthcare solutions is not found in hospitals. At-home health monitoring systems and peripheral devices like pulse oximeters and smart medicine bottles leverage Internet of Things infrastructure to enable “virtual visits” and the provision of healthcare services outside of conventional clinical settings. These connected healthcare solutions allow medical professionals to monitor medication adherence and changes in the health status of their patients remotely and in real time. This may lead to better management of chronic diseases, more effective and timely treatment for the elderly or disabled, and decreased need for costly doctor visits and hospital stays.

The ultimate disruption however, will be seen when multiple connected healthcare solutions are integrated and made to work together to give healthcare professionals and patients a deeper, holistic perspective on the individual’s health and lifestyle. By aggregating and analyzing data from different sources via an IoT platform for medical devices and applications, tomorrow’s connected healthcare solutions may help doctors better understand the progression of diseases and provide more personalized and effective treatment while empowering their patients to live healthier lives.

Building Tomorrow’s Connected Healthcare Solutions with Xively

Xively is an award-winning connected device platform that makes it easier to not only deploy connected healthcare solutions but also bring them together to create innovative and powerful IoT services and solutions—to develop the medical IoT ecosystems of tomorrow that will transform the way health, wellness, and longevity are achieved.

Our Connected Product Management platform gives you the tools and technological capabilities—high-speed connectivity, scalability, and end-to-end security—you need to connect and manage your medical IoT devices over the Internet and to integrate data streams from those devices with other analytical systems and sources of patient data including EHRs, consumer mobile devices, clinical trial results, and more.