Cloud IoT

What is the Internet of Things?

It takes powerful cloud IoT technology to manage the Internet of Things.

Companies seeking to profit from Internet of Things (IoT) need proven cloud IoT solutions in order to effectively manage this transformative technology.

By connecting and giving voice to a broad range of products, IoT systems can potentially open up new markets and sources of revenue. But managing a cloud IoT network is a highly complicated task. Provisioning, connecting and monitoring thousands or millions of devices is one challenge, but handling and integrating the large volumes of real-time data they produce is more difficult. And there’s the matter of security – the complexity of authenticating and securing groups of devices and end-users can easily overwhelm an IT team.

To simplify your move to the cloud IoT space, you need a powerful but easy-to-use IoT cloud platform that lets you reduce the cost, complexity and risk of developing a connected business.

Xively’s cloud IoT platform makes things easy.

With cloud IoT solutions from Xively, managing IoT cloud devices and Internet of Things security becomes quite simple. Xively’s award-winning solution delivers all the tools required to securely connect devices, manage and protect the information they produce, and use the data to engage customers with new offerings and better customer service.

With cloud IoT technology from Xively, you can:

  • Model and develop new IoT products.
  • Connect both new and existing products quickly and easily.
  • Minimize the complexity and reduce the risk of running a connected business.
  • Turn data and relationships into insight that can help you deliver greater value to customers.

Ultimately, Xively’s cloud IoT platform lets you focus on managing your business rather than managing the nuts and bolts of your Internet of Things cloud architecture.

Features of Xively’s cloud IoT technology

With cloud IoT offerings from Xively, you get a rich set of tools for managing your connected products. Features include:

  • Blazing fast speed and infinitely scalable connectivity, with the hardware and software to process messages from millions of devices at sub-second speeds.
  • Device management tools for provisioning, monitoring, and updating devices.
  • Authentication tools for managing identities and authenticating devices.
  • Security features that offer end-to-end protection of devices and the data residing on them.
  • Remote device support that enables connected products to autonomously communicate problems to OEMs, providing context that can be used to troubleshoot devices automatically or manually.
  • Support for a device cloud that can be used to test new devices.

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