Best IoT platform

What is the Internet of Things?

To profit from the Internet of Things, choose the best IoT platform.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the business landscape and opening up incredible possibilities for new markets and sources of revenue. But to compete and win with this new business model, you’ll need to choose the best IoT platform for your purposes.

That’s because the right Internet of Things platform can dramatically simplify the complex task of managing thousands or millions of connected devices. Your IoT platform must enable you to handle the five-or six-fold increase in data that your connected devices may deliver. The best IoT platform for your company will also enable your IT team to authenticate users and groups of devices more easily, minimizing the time it takes to manage this crucial task.

Ultimately, the best IoT platform is the one that lets you spend less time worrying about the nuts and bolts of your connected devices and data, and more time using the information they provide to enhance products, improve service and delight customers with new offerings.

Xively considered by many to be the best IoT platform on the market.

For many companies seeking to profit from the Internet of Things, Xively is the best IoT platform on the market. These organizations have seen firsthand how Xively can minimize the risk, cost and complexity of managing a connected business, and they know the value that Xively IoT applications can deliver when developing, connecting and managing new devices and new Internet of Things services.

What makes Xively the best IoT platform?

Xively’s robust capabilities make it one of the best IoT platform options today. Features include:

  • High scalability. Xively provides infinite scalability to support your growing IoT cloud solutions.
  • High-speed connectivity. Xively’s secure connectivity and low latency make it one of the best IoT platform products available. Xively can process millions of messages from millions of devices at sub-second speed.
  • Robust device management. Xively’s platform includes tools for quickly and easily provisioning, configuring, administrating, monitoring and updating devices.
  • Streamlined identity management. Xively makes it easy to authenticate groups of devices and end-users, increasing security of products and the data they contain.
  • Easy integration. With Xively, you can easily integrate data from your connected products with other primary enterprise systems, improving your IoT data analytics and providing greater insight into your products and business.
  • Device and cloud security. Xively offers end-to-end security to protect connected products as well as the data residing on devices and while in transit.

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