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Thought Leadership Blog Series

We are excited to share insights from our Xively IoT Advisory Board on their perspectives around the Internet of Things. Click here to read their guest blog posts to learn from their real-world experience and work in IoT.

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The Board

The mission of the Xively IoT Advisory Board is to bring together strategic partners, customers, and IoT industry leaders to exchange ideas, advocate for the IoT industry, and help share future IoT solutions.

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Michael Simon Michael Simon Chairman LogMeIn
sanjay-sarma1 Sanjay Sarma Vice President of Open Learning overseeing MITx and MIT OpenCourseWare Massachusetts Institute of Technology
triinu-magi2 Triinu Magi Chief Technology Officer Neura
ken-owens2 Ken Owens Chief Technology Officer Cisco Cloud Intercloud Services
chris-selland2 Chris Selland Vice President, Business Development HP’s Big Data Group
ken-grady1 Ken Grady Chief Information Officer IDEXX
andrew-bertera2 Andrew Bertera Executive Director of Marketing New England Biolabs
okeeffe Tim O'Keeffe Chief Executive Officer Symmons Industries
adithya-sastry Adithya Sastry Associate VP & General Manager, IoT Group Cognizant Technology Solutions
sid Sid Jatia VP Direct-To-Consumer Digital Under Armour

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